mum says i’m not to play with the other children, because they’re ‘being raised on a diet of dog-eat-dog’. i wanted to see these dog-eaters… so i waited until mum was gone… and went out to find one… and guess what? the dog eaters wear human skins… it makes them look just like us!

SHINee’s support messages to Taemin

onew: Our maknae Taemin~!! You are alone but I expect Taem to endure with perseverance ~ !!

jonghyun: Taemin had gone through hardships, but I think he will get credit for making such outstanding stage performance. Taemin, what do I need to say ~ Fighting !!

key: Congrats for the Taemin’s first solo album ‘ACE’ ~ !! During Taemin’s preparation for the album, I had given him many advices and I believe in Taemin so he will do good.As a brother, I am so happy for you ! Fighting ~!!

minho: The album that had been prepared for a long time is coming out, I know it is your first solo album so you are nervous and worried, but don’t take it as a burden and I hope and believe that you will do well.The outcome is important, but I want you to consider the process as important too. Fighting ~ !!

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taemin 괴도 (danger) mv screencaps