8.15.14 the day taemin ruined our lives and made us bleeeeed

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anything a non binary person does is not binary. showing of cleavage? non binary boobies. lots of make up? non binary beauty. dresses? non binary fancy. stop implying that people aren’t non binary because they won’t buy into the “androgynous masculine” bullshit. a non binary person who doesn’t hide their boobs isn’t mocking you. get over yourself.

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cry plays bioshock infinite

taemin’s expression while waiting for mucore’s winner… which is him ^^

Anonymous asked:
what do you think of red velvet? c:

i’ll be honest, i haven’t really listened to their music! so i can’t comment on that, but i really liked their teaser and the music video looked cool (though i also didn’t watch that because i am trash) and they all seem to be super fucking cute so i am on board!