28/ Japan Arena Tour 2013 ~ Boys Meet U gifs.

Anonymous asked:
"Ildy what was the last book you read? Are there any new books you would recommend?"

man this is a hard question… i have NOT been reading enough lately and it’s a problem. i started to read ex-heroes but i haven’t finished it yet! however that’s a new book and what i read of it so far, i have enjoyed! but i can’t give it a good review. after that i’ve mostly been reading books of poetry and then i think after that the last book i read was re-reading the graveyard book and slaughterhouse-five LMAO so i don’t have many suggestions but maybe someone who follows me can suggest us both something!

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Anonymous asked:
"man i want you to have jonghyun's hair too because it'd be so damn amazing. you would own that!"

ugh i fucking need it. i need to be blonde i nEED TO HAVE IT CUT AGAIN i need it. thank you for supporting my plan to steal his hair

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❝I want to taste your lips before coffee and your skin before sunshine.
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